Let us keep you in our prayers

Thank you all for the continued love and support !!

We are all back under one roof and all 6 kids are sleeping peacefully.

We have an appointment with Catie’s Oncologist tomorrow at Hershey, and have an appointment with Dr Phillips at CHOP on Tuesday. We also had phone consults with Texas Childrens Hospital where they are on the cutting edge of Proton Beam radiation therapy, (which I now know more about than I ever thought I would!), and with St Judes. The good news is that a treatment picture is starting to come into focus from the myriad of speculative ideas floating around in the first 24 hours after the pathology report came back. The other really great piece of news is that the CT scan came back negative on the lungs and abdomen. The more localized, the better !

Christine has begun piecing the schedule together for the next few weeks. One of the things we are kicking around is the idea of having a BIG BASH the weekend before Catie starts treatment. Perhaps a healing mass followed by a huge O’Brien party with way too much good (organic) food, a ton of laughter, and a special opportunity to pull all of you together to celebrate Catie and to thank all of you for the love and support and prayers that have gotten us through. Catie does not know what we are planning although she did plant the seeds of the idea when we were in the car coming from Mass this morning and she announced that she had had a dream where all of the people from St Als and ST Columbkill and St Joes and the old neighborhood, and all of the new friends here in Mechanicsburg had gotten together. We will keep you posted as we crystallize the planning.

Keep the prayers coming and we will keep you posted. Also, please let us know what is going on with you so that we can keep you in our prayers.

Love and God Bless,


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