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Every day, another 46 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer, and another family is struck by devastating, life-changing news. For those who recognize how difficult that news must be, the Catie’s Wish Foundation provides two ways to help.

The first is prayer.

Research, specifically that which has been done at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, has come far in the last 60 years in increasing the odds of a positive outcome for children diagnosed with cancer. They will continue to make strides.

Your prayers, however, in combination with prayers from others across the country and around the world, can bridge the gap for those families that will run out of time before the researchers can save their children. Prayer can also provide the spiritual support for children and parents who just need to know that they are not alone, and that people are supporting them through prayer.

The second is to assist in fund-raising efforts.

You can help either through a personal donation or by hosting or participating in an event. Successful events in the past have included Dress-Down Days at schools where students wear uniforms; Sub (Sandwich) Sales; and Car Washes. You may have another idea we haven’t yet seen.

We have a line of Catie Gear, including t-shirts, window clings, tote bags, greeting cards designed by Catie herself, and more. These items are available for purchase or for fund-raising.

Please contact us if you would like to host a fund-raising event, so we can coordinate efforts across Catie’s Team.

Children can help too.

As selfless and courageous as Catie was, she was still a seven-year-old girl. She loved to run and play, go to school, and be with her family and friends. She was forced to grow up much faster than she wanted, by cancer and the treatment that tried to cure it.

Hundreds of children prayed with Catie as she battled her disease, and hundreds more followed her selfless example and made sacrifices to help children with pediatric cancer. Children have donated the proceeds of yard sales and drink stands, donated their extra snack money, and even asked that they receive no birthday presents so that the money can help the Catie’s Wish Foundation reach its goal.

Many children have sent letters, including prayers that they have written. It is our desire to highlight and celebrate each one of these efforts.

We thank you.

Whatever you are motivated to do in response to the stories of Catie and the other children afflicted with pediatric cancer will aid in raising awareness of the Catie’s Wish Foundation, and the plight of the children and families we seek to assist.

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