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“God is good, all the time.”

When Catie was in treatment at St. Jude, she and Christine would attend daily mass as often as Catie’s treatment plan would allow.  Many times, they would end up at Immaculate Conception parish where the priest would intersperse throughout the liturgy, “God is good!” and all of the people in the church would respond, “all the time!”

Catie loved this, and lived it.  Throughout her journey, Catie believe in the goodness of her Father in heaven and trusted in His plan for her life.

In keeping with Catie’s example, we sign our correspondence and add to our discussions, “God is good, all the time”.  If you are joining us at a Catie’s Wish event, and one of us says, “God is good,” feel free to shout back, “all the time!”

“The only limit to God’s ability to work in your life is your level of trust.”

The Catie’s Wish Foundation, our advisors, ambassadors and those who support us believe that God is a loving benevolent Father who loves us and wants only the best for us.  God wants to spend eternity in communion with us and has laid out a plan for each of us to get to heaven with Him.  Our task is to believe in Him, trust Him, and follow His path for our lives.

Without trust in God, Catie’s cancer, treatment and death make very little sense.  Through trust in God and belief in His love for each of us we can accept Catie’s life and death and respond positively.  The Catie’s Wish Foundation is one of the positive ways in which we have accepted God’s plan and demonstrated our trust in Him.

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