Candles for Catie

Candles for Catie began as a tangible, visual way that we could show Catie all of the people, parishes, and communities that were praying for her as she battled her disease and treatment.  Placing the candles on a map allowed her and everyone to see the national and even global effort of people storming heaven on her behalf.

We want to continue this practice and visual representation of prayer with Catie’s Wish.  If being a Prayer Partner and setting aside some time each week in your prayer life is not an option for you right now and you still want to demonstrate your prayerful support, please use Candles for Catie as a means of doing so.  Light a candle at your place of worship, in a place of worship you are visiting, or in your home and let us know; we will add it to the map and show the widening and deepening of Catie’s influence.

View Larger Map | Note that the data takes a little time to load.

Light a candle for Catie. Tell us the location via the form below, and we’ll add a marker to the map.

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