Back in New Jersey

We are back from the land of Dixie !!

Thank you to Grammy and Poppy and Uncle John and Aunt Lynn, Austin, Douglas, and Anna for their warm hospitality as we relaxed and recharged in preparation for the road ahead. Catie and the rest of the kids had a wonderful time swimming, playing, shooting pool, hanging with their cousins and just being kids. Catie transformed before our eyes in the last few days. She had become “frail” looking since this all started a month ago, and just in the last day or so she has loosened up and looked like her old self; her smile, which never left her has been joined by a vitality and strength that are Catie trademarks.

Catie received the Sacrament of the Sick after mass on Sunday, Thank you Father Chet, you did an amazing job. The parishoners of St Benedict’s gathered around Catie and laid hands on her and prayed for her healing, and she took it all in, and smiled. On Monday just before we left, she was blessed by a relic from Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. Thank you Grammy and Poppy for arranging all of the Carolina blessings.

Christine and Catie are leaving tomorrow (Tuesday) evening for New Jersey for dental work and for a hair appointment for Catie and some quality time with Mom-Mom and Da. Then they will get up Wednesday morning for a 6:35 flight to Memphis. The people at St Jude’s have been wonderful making the preparations and will be waiting for them when they arrive and will bring them from the airport to the hospital where Catie will be admitted for testing, (MRIs, bone scans, physical, etc). They will then try to settle in to the housing and get ready for the radiation treatments that will begin next week.

We received a blessing while we were away as a benefactor presented us with 2 computer systems, (one for the home, and one for Memphis). THANK YOU !!
(and for those that were working on a solution for this need, thank you as well)

On the home front, our next door neighbors, the Becker-Jones have been amazing with getting the word out to the neighborhood and organizing all of the offers to assist. Lauri presented Catie with a blanket to keep her warm during treatment and Christine with a leather organizer to keep everything straight. John spent a few hours with Catie this evening setting up the i-pod (thank you again 1st graders) and downloading tons of music. She will have plenty to listen to in Memphis !!

A separate email will be coming out in the next few days detailing the Catie Fund. Thank you for you patience and desire to assist, we will attempt to make it as easy as possible.

The website is coming along as well and it will have general bio info as we realize that as the message of Catie’s triumph spreads, people do not know who she is so we will make that information available.

Christine’s sister Colleen will be arriving tomorrow to stay with the “other” 5 while I go to work. Thank you Colleen and Taylor.

Please know that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers as we continue to travel along this path that has been laid out for us. We ask you to continue to cherish and treasure the time you have with the people you love and make what Catie is going through worthwhile. For it is in every extra hug or affirming word or opportunity taken to uplift another person that Catie’s disease is defeated; every time we think of her and count our blessings, we take the sting of her battle away. Her courage, determination, and character infuse me with a desire to be a better version of myself, and it is our hope that she inspires you as she does us. May God continue to shower you with blessings, and may you have the eyes of faith to see and appreciate each and every one.


Christine and Kevin

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