Hope and Courage

Good evening to all,

Tonight we begin with a message from Christine’s sister KC:

Hope is not the same as wishful thinking, hope is ASSURANCE in GOD’s PROMISE. HOPE is confidence beyond reason and circumstances because our confidence lies in Christ! Hope is not PRAYING THAT HE CAN; it’s KNOWING that HE WILL! Hope is remembering God’s promise and faithfulness in all circumstances. Hope is trusting in God’s promise. We say often that God is the same yesterday, today, forever; but how many of us live in that truth. Recognizing that just as God was faithful to the Israelites in delivering them, he will deliver us as well. In Isaiah 40:31-35 it talks about the Strength of the Lord, “You never grow weak or weary, no one can measure the depths of Your understanding.”

There’s a song that I gave Catie, “Strength Will Rise” and the chorus says, “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord, our God you reign forever, our hope our strong deliverer. You are the everlasting God, you do not faint, you won’t grow weary. You’re the defender of the weak, you comfort those in need, you lift us up on wings like eagles.” You see God delivered Israelites from their bondage and delivered people time and again in Scripture, we need to get our faces in His Word and read about all the victories He’s won time and again. That is our hope, knowing that God is the same yesterday, today, forever. Yesterday he saved, today he saves, tomorrow he will save. I pray that we can all walk in the confidence of that hope.

Encouragement – To instill courage into another

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to move beyond fear and act. Courage is a gift of the Holy Spirit. I pray that this email has blessed you with encouragement to continue to move and act. Know that all of us are storming heaven for you. I know that you will receive your miracle Catie, I’m more confident in this then I have been about anything. My faith will not be shaken. Anytime a difficult report comes I just say, all the more glory to you Lord when she is healed. Catie keep making your dream list of things you will accomplish within the next year, 1-5 years, 5 + years. This cancer will not be victorious over you. You will receive your first Holy Communion. Jesus says right before the Ascension, “Behold I am with you always.” In Revelation, it reads, “Behold I make all things new.” Catie, a miracle is simply God restoring something to it’s original purposed state. You will be restored. Catie you are going to go on to speak to thousands of people about the hope that we all can have in Christ’s promise. Souls will be delivered from despair, death, sin, and Hell through the witness of the Lord’s power in your life. In the Psalms it says, “Trust in the Lord and He will act.” Peter walked on water because he kept his eyes fixed on Christ. Keep your eyes fixed on him. The women with the hemorrhage said, “If only I touch his cloak I will be healed.” Catie hold on to the cloak of the Lord and know that you will be healed.

We receive uplifting messages from many of you each day, and these messages along with the sure knowledge that we are joined together in prayer get us through even the most difficult days. Thank you!

Today brought some good news. The PET CT scan from last week came out clean. Since they still can’t believe that the primary tumor site was in Catie’s spine, they are going to do 2 more MRI’s this week….and so it goes.

The day was also full of the frustration that goes along with going along with the ever changing schedule at St Jude’s. Christine, who is used to managing the six kids and keeping me out of trouble is being swept along on a wave in Memphis and can’t control a bit of it, please pray for her. Please pray for me as well because as I was changing out of my work clothes today I noticed that I had worn my shirt on inside out all day, amazing the things that I depend upon Christine for, (and thank you everyone at work for letting me know).

The kids at home had a good day. Max went to Gettysburg with Mr Connolly and Mark, and Megan took the girls swimming. They are all getting along famously, and we are so thankful.

I am counting the hours until I see Christine and Catie. Thank you to all of you that are making our visits possible by watching the kids, helping with meals or lending your financial support, we are truly grateful.

This is one of the earliest updates we have written, and the kids all want to have you join them in the good night prayers. Maggie (10), Max (9), Mia (6), Molly (4), and M.E. (2) want you to know that you are all in their prayers and that they are lifting you up; that all that you need and desire from God will be granted to you.

God bless you,

Christine and Kevin
We pray that you don’t feel helpless in this situation. Help us by praying. Help us by loving your family. Help us by hugging your kids and your spouse everyday. Help us by spreading Catie’s Story to the most faithfilled people you know and to those that need more faith. Help us by writing to us, even if you don’t know us, and telling us how Catie’s Story has come to you and impacted you.

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