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Good evening to all of you on Catie’s Team,

Today had many of the same elements and glitches as yesterday, (including 2 missed shuttle buses), and yet because we listened to ourselves as we wrote to you, our improved attitude mitigated the annoyance to a degree. It is amazing how focusing on Catie, (or anyone other than ourselves) can so drastically change how we perceive the situations in our lives. That is what we provide for each other, perspective.

On to the news….

THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO CANCER CELLS IN CATIE’S SPINAL FLUID! Of course my first response to this news, and the first response from Maggie when she heard the news was, “great, when are they coming home?” No such luck. However it does mean that the radiation levels to the brain will stay at the lower ranges, what we have been hoping and praying for all along, thank you all for working miracle #2.

Catie’s appetite returned with a vengeance today after she woke up from the spinal tap and continued on through dinner, again, thank you for your prayers!

Christine and I decided against yelling at each other when the earlier part of the day began to deteriorate and she called to ask me why it would take a pharmacy two and a half hours to fill a prescription, (as if it were somehow my fault). I explained to her that if she had gone to RiteAid, the service would have been far better. She says we lost the connection at that point, but I think she may have hung up on me. The hospital pharmacy did have a difficult time trying to get (2) Tylenol tablets for Catie in case she developed a headache after the spinal tap, but she does not have a headache, so she should be ok…..must be those prayers of your again.

Back here in Mechanicsburg, the Beeghleys who have done so much, from organizing meals to kicking off the fundraising efforts for St Joseph’s, called with the news that there will be a run in Mechanicsburg to benefit The Catie Fund on November 15th. More info to follow, but thank you Kim and Jim, and all those at St Joes who have been so wonderful in embracing our family. More prayers answered.

We have a challenge for each of you that receive this message. Tomorrow, for one day only, make a promise to yourself that you will keep an eye out for any little blessing that may come your way. I mean really look for the tiniest thing, like a light turning green at just the right time when you are a bit late. Or maybe the person who makes your first cup of coffee in the morning gets it just right. Or maybe that significant person in your life gives you an extra big smile as you part in the morning or welcomes you back home with an extra tight hug. Maybe someone actually stops and lets you into a line of traffic. Whatever. There will be something as long as you look with the eyes of hope. The only restriction on God’s ability to bless us is our level of Trust in Him. I guarantee that you will see at least one blessing tomorrow, we call them signal graces, little reminders that you are loved by a God who desires so much to love us that He allowed His own son to be sacrificed. By virtue of the sacrifice, we all are part of something beyond our own existence, and our actions exist not in a vacuum, but in relationship with and to one another. Here is the second part of the challenge, when the little blessing comes your way, and you recognize it as a signal grace, acknowledge it for what it is, a hug from God, and allow it to change your day and make it even better.

You have all become signal graces for us. As we receive responses back to the updates, you lift us up and keep us from losing hope, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Thank you and God bless,

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