Round 1 Day “-1”

Hello from St. Jude’s,

My mother always offers that no news is good news. Not everyone would agree. I think and Kevin agrees, that Kevin’s father would offer that no news isn’t good news it is just no news.

Well, yesterday we offered no news. Was there in fact no news? No. There just wasn’t anything more important than enjoying Catie, which we were able to do, and watching both baseball and the Giants last night. In Kevin’s mind a night that was to be all sports, that did not turn out as he would have liked. But back to Catie…

Currently, she is sleeping. She gets very sleepy in the morning or about 10:30am. She has quite the morning routine. Vital signs and weight, bath and swabing her harvest sites (today is the last day of this care), mouth care, acapella – breathing exercises, lotioning her skin and taking a walk – all of that and she is not really eating or at least not eating breakfast. Then everyone comes to check on her the nurses, doctors, blood is drawn, etc.. By the time that all starts at 9am, it is finished at 10 and visits stop around 10:30 she is ready to rest. Remember too that she had to get up every two hours throughout the night to go to the bathroom.

Yesterday was similiar to today, only she was still receiving some chemo drugs. Today she is receiving only IV fluids. Yesterday we did have news that we did not share. Catie ate. She requested that Kevin go to the Target House apartment and whip her up some of his famous mashed potatoes which she ate with some peas. She had two helpings and was very happy. We were thrilled as it was the first solid food that she has requested in days and she was able to keep down. She also was up and playing Wii last night with no line problems at all. Her scores in bowling, baseball and golf have all improved. Is that important? It is when you are a little lion – successful competiton always makes you feel better. She even played a little tennis. In terms of activity level Catie’s was very good yesterday. She took two walks around the floor and she went to physical therapy. She is moving better, the stiffness from her harvest has gone. She is able to move more fluidly and extend and flex her leg muscles more easily – they tightened a bit from the weeks of sleep. She was reading Calvin and Hobbes. She, like Kevin, enjoys comics. Catie does not like her mouth care, which for me is very difficult. After working with Dr. Falcon for years teeth are very important. The mouth care that Catie has to do makes her sick to her stomach. So we have had to suspend the aspect that Catie is supposed to swallow because it is of no value to her if she throws it up. Full mouth care is to resume once Catie is feeling better. Catie is also learning to play Gin. She is very good, but really doesn’t like to lose.

Today, Catie was very tired. She is still able to do quite a bit. She began the day with her morning routine and then some hangman. She ate again. Played Wii. Did homework, catching up in all her subjects to date – with the exception of Language Arts and Religion. Played with the computer. Chatted with many visitors – including Dr. Armstrong who stopped by for a social visit. (Dr. Armstorng is Catie’s neuro-oncologist from E Clinic. Catie is now a part of Bone Marrow Transplant or B Clinic and Dr. Hale is her main doctor now. After chemo and before we return home Catie will transition back to E Clinic.) I spend the day painting Catie’s hospital windows and Kevin spent the day helping everyone at work, at the hospital and at home.

Tomorrow at 1pm Catie will receive her transplant of her own bone marrow. This may cause some nausea and a bit more fatigue. It is called day 0. We will let you know how it goes.

We thank you for all of your prayers. Keep lighting those candles. Catie loves to see them. And signing her guestbook, Catie loves to read your notes. God Bless you all.

Christine, Kevin and Catie

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