Round 2 – Day “-4”

Hello to everyone who prays for a cure,

Catie began the day in great spirits. She reluctantly woke up – sleeping in a hospital is not that easy. Catie did not get to sleep on Friday night until after midnight. Once Catie did wake up, her mysterious green tongue was pink again. Catie was out of bed and began all of her morning routine – bathing, stretching, walking the hospital floor, she even added a few games of Ms. Pacman all before her chemo began at 9am. As the chemo was being infused Catie read Calvin and Hobbes until the chemo caused her vision to blur and she was no longer able to read to herself. Comics really are best read by yourself.

Once the reading stopped, Catie went to sleep. We had the nurse give Catie Benadryl which helps with nausea and also aides in sleeping. We noticed during Round 1 that the more Catie slept through the chemo the easier the chemo is on Catie. Catie tolerated everything fairly well. Catie did get sick each time that she had to move to go to the bathroom. One time we ran into a bit of a problem in that the bathroom door locked on us and we had to quickly improvise and create a toilet. Fortunately, Catie went along and all is well that ends well. Chemo began earlier in the day in round two than it did in Round 1. Catie was back awake late this afternoon and in fairly good spirits.

She began reading again and requested that we watch a movie. We watched Dreamer and Catie’s face lit up when she realized that it was based on a true story. At 9:30 the lights went out and Catie was very peaceful; the music of David Kaufman playing in her room. Now Kevin and I have an opportunity to spend a few moments together – thanking God that Round 2 is underway. We cherish each day that we get to spend with Catie. Life is a gift – a precious gift from God.

Tonight, as we say good night and thank you for including us in your prayers, we pray that you realize the precious gifts that God has placed in your lives and that you tell them.

With gratitude for your prayers,

Christine, Kevin and Catie at St. Jude’s and Mom-Mom, Da, Maggie, Max, Mia, Molly and M.E. in Mechancisburg

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