Day 8

This evening Catie walked on her own to the bathroom. She will win no beauty contest for her steps but they were all hers. The look of pride that I saw on her face more than makes up for the fact that she didn’t ask for help. I am not kidding myself; I realize that she is not on the road to recovery. I am not in denial hoping for more. I am just happy for Catie that she was able to do that one thing for herself. She pushed her fear of pain aside and in a typical Catie fashion did what she set out to do.

Today, Catie met the Quality of Life team. She handled it with an interesting mix of attention and distraction. Catie, in my mind, is a genius. She sits and listens to the doctors as they ask her questions about how she is feeling, where the pain is, how long it lasts. They ask Catie to describe the pain and she does great. When Dr. Baker turns the conversation in another direction and Catie can’t tell where he is going or what is going to be said, I can tell that Catie is getting a little nervous or unsettled. At these moments she takes out Miss Mary’s homemade butter cookies, that are almost too pretty to eat, and begins to untie the bag. When the unknown creeps into Catie’s life, she – like any Southern lady – offers a sugar cookie to all. There is nothing that changes a subject faster than cookies.

Today was a good day. We spent the morning at the hospital. Went to Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch. Picked up Catie’s new medicines. Strolled through the Botanical Gardens and were amazed at the size of the Koi in the Japanese Garden pond. Did a little homework – Catie still enjoys studying. Went to Mass. Enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Catie flushed her own lines – she is a natural. Mia and Catie dressed for bed and we said our prayers and read our book on Lourdes.

Tomorrow we are finally heading to Graceland!! Please pray that it is another great day for Catie.

Love from St. Jude’s,

Christine, Catie, Mia, and Aunt KC

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