Day 27

Hello to all who have been supporting us in action and prayer,

When we last left you we were basking in the afterglow of a wonderful weekend away. Reunited; we hugged, laughed and once again cherished how blessed we are to be a family. While all the children were nestled in their beds peacefully sleeping Kevin attempted to send Day 22 to the website only to find it down. It could wait and so we went to bed. A good thing as at 3AM we were awakened to the cries of M.E. She had gotten sick in her crib and as Kevin changed her sheets, he handed her to me to take care of in the meantime. I; still very sleepy and not paying attention grabbed the sweet child and put her in bed with me. I was shocked when she got sick in my bed. Finally at 4AM we all settled back to sleep.

While we loved our weekend and would never have traded the time away – this was not what we wanted upon our return. I called Regina first thing in the morning to bust on her for feeding my baby chocolate. Regina insisted that it was the stomach flu. I wouldn’t believe Regina until Wednesday night when Maggie woke us at 3AM telling us that Mia was getting sick. This time I didn’t invite Mia to join me in my bed. Within hours both Kevin and I found ourselves sick as well. Kevin who never will allow himself to miss a day of work due to his own illness prepared the kids (Maggie and Max) for school and left for work. I was in bed with no hope of getting out. Mia had joined me in bed with her bucket. Molly and M.E. were each still sleeping. This plan would work until they awoke. I quickly called a girlfriend, Trish, who has blessedly become my go to girl since we arrived in Mechanicsburg. She seems to always make time for me when I am needing it most. (She watched the fab 5 when Kevin and I first took Catie for her first MRI.) She ran over and gave Molly breakfast and got M.E. up and fed her too. While she had limited time to give us it was a huge help. Someday I hope to be Trish for someone in need.

Well after Trish left 4 year old Molly showed me just how much she grew up while I was away. She followed directions flawlessly. She went downstairs and gathered spoons, bibs, yogurts from the outside fridge and prepared a picnic lunch for her and M.E. in my bedroom. Then she helped to change M.E.’s diaper and help M.E. into her crib for her nap. She then cleaned up after their picnic and went to sleep herself. The morning was over and while I was not feeling any better I knew that by the time the girls woke up from their naps Maggie and Max (the cavalry) would arrive.

As Mia snored beside me and the other two girls slept, I thought back on what all has happened over the last few months. The entire time Catie was ill I was able to be there for her. I was by her side. I don’t even know if any of the other kids were ever sick – I still don’t. Now I was home and I was able to be there for M.E. when she was sick and that made me feel so good. Over the past 8 months I have been depressing myself with the thought that I have missed a 1/4 of my youngest child’s life. DOESn’t THAT SOUND SO SAD AND AWFUL? That is not at all how God, in His unconditional love, would view the last 8 months of M.E.’s life and I am trying to look at M.E.’s life that way. Now today I am sick and so are Kevin and Mia and I am too sick to be there for them. I feel so helpless. However, instead of feeling depressed or sad about this I found a reason to praise God. I am so filled with thanksgiving that I was never sick the entire time I was taking care of Catie. It was a gift from God that Catie and I both stayed so well during her stay at St. Jude’s. It was a gift for which I was not thankful – I am now.

When Kevin arrived home dinner was waiting, thanks to Monique. Mia and I were still too sick to get up. Max was not hungry either and that is when we knew that he would be next. We were right. Max tends to get very sick for a very short period of time. By this morning he was 100%. He was a great help getting Molly ready for school. Then he and I began laundry and cleaning and bathing and slowly eating. At this moment everyone is again tucked safely in their beds sleeping and Kevin and I are thankful, (Maggie and Molly seemed to have gone unscathed!).

There were many moments over the past week that I missed Catie. I still see things that remind me of her. We talk about her very openly and freely with the children. I saw so much of Catie in Molly yesterday. Kevin saw Catie in Molly today, when she was telling him just how she wanted something to be done. Catie is with us. All of us who followed her story and knew her feel her presence daily. The mail still comes with many letters from wonderful people touched by Catie’s life. Some days there are many letters and some days just a few. One day there will be none. I will deal with that day when it comes; for now I am thankful. Thankful for today’s packages from Ginni, your note brought tears to my eyes. You are so dear and I am so grateful not just because the cookies you sent were good but because you are good to us. I still have Catie’s ponytail that you cut off before we left for St. Jude’s. I know that Catie wants me to give it to Locks for Love but I can’t bring myself to do that yet. I am also thankful for the fruit that arrived from the Parks family, your boxes made us feel special and not forgotten. Most importantly it made us feel loved.

May today give you the opportunity to love someone in your life and feel loved by someone.

Remember, if Catie taught us anything it is that every day has those opportunities. It is up to each one of us to seize them and make the most of them.

Living in the Peace of God,

Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Gianna, Catie, Mia, Molly, and M.E.

PS. The highlight of the week for me was because of a gift that Catie gave to Christine this Christmas. As I stepped on the Wii fit and attempted to head soccer balls that were flying at me, the house was filled with the uproarious laughter of my beautiful bride and each of our children as I was constantly knocked over by shoes and flying pandas, (you have to play the game to understand). Thank you Catie, their laughter makes me miss you just a little bit less, and their joy is a gift that I know you send from heaven.

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