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Good evening Catie Team!!

 Now that we have entered the season of Lent, we begin preparing for Easter.  At the same time, we are preparing for Catie’s birthday which falls this year on the day before Easter.  Many of the preparations are parallels as we focus on prayer and giving to those less fortunate than ourselves for both Easter and Catie’s tenth birthday.  Prayer continues to be the unique attribute of Catie’s Wish, and we believe that in the end, it will provide the answer to the battle with pediatric cancer.  To that end, we are asking for your help.  The following is a link to a special new page of Catie’s website.  (  This link contains a counter that records every visit to the page.  It is our hope that between now and Catie’s birthday that we can record a million hits to the page signifying a million prayers that have been said for Catie’s Kids or for an end to pediatric cancer.  Will you help us?  All we ask is that you share the link and visit the page daily and say a prayer as you do so.  Thousands prayed for Catie around the world, can we now pray in her name and storm heaven together with a million prayers??  I believe we can!!

 Another exciting event coming up in the Catie’s Wish world in the first annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament in Mechanicsburg, PA sponsored by Catie’s Wish and 99 Series.  You will remember 99 Series as the publisher of Jared Trexler’s book, 99 Things you Wish you Knew Before Filling out Your Hoops Bracket.  Jared and 99 Series have partnered with us not only on the book, but on the tournament as well.  Log onto to get details on the tournament and to register.

 I want to share one amazing story with you.  On Wednesday night, as we were finishing dinner and getting the kids ready for bed, the doorbell rang and 3 of the girls from Catie’s class at St. Joseph’s and their moms were at the door.  They came in and after we talked for a bit, the girls presented Christine with a beautiful box wrapped in a purple bow and topped with a purple flower.  Christine opened the box and read the letter that was inside.  The letter read:

                   It Truly is Better to Give than to Receive….

In the short time that Catie was with us, she gave us much and taught us much….lessons we continue to put into practice each day.

 A few weeks ago, with the help of our parents, we had a joint 10th birthday party to which we invited the entire 4th grade.  Since we have been blessed with many things, we asked that in lieu of gifts, that anyone attending the party, simply bring a donation for Catie’s Wish.  In lieu of favors, our parents made donations to Catie’s Wish as well.

 42 4th graders (including ourselves) plus siblings attended the party.  We had a fabulous time and even more importantly our birthday “wish” to raise money for Catie’s Wish was granted by the generosity of our classmates’ families and our own families.

 That being said, our birthday present is actually a present for you in honor of Catie’s upcoming birthday.  We are very proud and honored to be able to present you in this box, donations totaling $2,100 for Catie’s Wish.  Catie obviously continues to be an inspiration to so many, but especially her fellow classmates and their families.  We have no doubt that she was at our party with us, celebrating and having a good time with her St. Joe’s family who still love, admire, and miss her very much.

 With love and prayers today and always,

Lauren, Makenna, Lauren, and our families

 To say that we were awestruck would be an understatement.  I cried as I read the letter the first time, and just cried again as I typed it.  While I know that the girls are right that Catie was absolutely with them at the party, I really do wish that she was there in body and not just spirit.  I miss her.  It is strange, in the months following Catie’s death, I would go around a corner and almost expect to see her waiting there.  While that does not happen anymore, (I guess I have gotten used to the fact that she is gone) what happens now is that as I watch the Fab 5 grow and mature, I want to share new experiences with Catie but do not have that opportunity. 

 The Fab 5 are good.  Maggie had her first Mass as an altar server tonight and did a great job.  Max and Mia begin track for the St. Joe’s team on Monday, and Molly and M.E. are continuing to amaze us each day.

 Please remember to share the prayer link and visit it daily as we strive to reach our million prayer goal!!

 God is good, all the time

 Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Mia, Molly, M.E., and always Catie

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