Happy 12th Birthday Catie

Darling Catie,

 Happy 12th Birthday!  I am sure that Heaven is even more special on your day.  We are celebrating it here by honoring you and your Wish.  We are sure that you know all that we and many others do, but it lightens our hearts to write to you.  Over 953,000 prayers have been sent to you for your intercession, and one day, you will let us know of the many children and families who never had to follow your journey because we all stormed heaven with our prayers.  We surpassed $3 million in donations in your name for St. Jude, and again, the fruits of the generosity of thousands may never be known until we are with you.  Your classmates and schoolmates at St. Joseph’s and from St. Columbkill again colored birthday cards for all of the kids at St. Jude and today those kids will know that someone was and is thinking about them and praying for them.  We didn’t forget the staff at St. Jude who cared so lovingly for you and hoped against hope that they could cure you; they received cards today as well.  Many people have colored their calendars purple for the day, and even though we can’t seem to figure out how to change colors on our smartphone calendars, in our minds, they are purple today.  Our corporate support from Utz, Sweet Frog, and FedEx has been wonderful, and Candee has been amazing as usual.  We miss you every day and so do the Fab 5.  They need you to keep looking out for them, ok?  We feel your presence and hear stories of you showing up when people need you, thank you for that.

 We love you very much and will keep honoring you through what we do and by how we live.  Keep us safe and gently guide us.  Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.  Twelve years ago we first held you in our arms, and while we cannot do that today, we look forward to your welcoming embrace when we make it home.

 Happy Birthday little girl,

 Mom and Dad

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2 Responses to “Happy 12th Birthday Catie”

  1. Pam Vampran says:

    Auntie Pam wore her purple in your honor yesterday! I would have taught you about bleeding purple (and gold) for LSU Tigers like I did Mary Kate and Elizabeth. I bet the 3 of you had a wonderful birthday party yesterday!

    Please continue to watch over your St. Jude brother Trevor!

    Love you!
    Auntie Pam and Trevor Vampran

  2. Marthe Terry says:

    Our Sweet Catie. How honored I am to share your love of the color purple with you! I was dressed all in “Catie Gear” yesterday–from Mass to visiting a friend with a prayer team for shared prayer over each other. (Gee, what’s taking the good Lord so long to make you a Saint? I know, HIS time is not ours!) We won’t quit begging your prayers for God’s special little ones who, like you were, are so courageous, and their dear families, too. Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of our Life, our Sweetness and our Hope, take Catie’s hand and bring her and all her prayers from this Valley of Tears on Earth to Jesus, Risen Lord and King and Shepherd of us all! Lots of love and spiritual hugs in HIM in the Power of the Holy Spirit, Marthe