Catie as a Vehicle

Feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe – Happy feast day Max.

This morning is starting slowly. It is 9:30 and our seven year old is still asleep. I know she stayed out too late last night (11:30pm) that is why God’s original design was for us to parent together. Alone and with only one child we’d be napping through dinner time and getting up to live life on Beale Street after hours. I am not brave like Kevin or Ed to take multiple children to a restaurant without backup. With just one child I can and do go anywhere. We’ve seen and enjoyed so much of Memphis. Thanks to all of you.

I contemplated working out as I wait for Catie to wake up. A few twinges for yesterday’s workout slowed me down and I began to think. Not about Catie’s welcome home, which I am leaving in Megan Connolly’s capable hands. This will be Megan’s first big “event” as the head of PR for the Catie Fund. (Not that watching five motherless kids for over a month was a walk in the park but that is behind us and Megan did a great job. Thank you Megan.) One thing on the welcome home for Catie. Many of you were not aware that Catie was in the hospital originally back in June. When she was released and camehome Kevin and I thought about her homecoming from our point of view as adults. It was very quiet and peaceful. Catie however felt great and wanted the excitement of having everyone of herfamily there to hug her and welcome her home. Thank you Cheryl for putting a sign on the door. This welcome home is going to be a surprise. Catie will not know anything about it. We are fairly certain that we will be coming home on August 27th (Aunt Beth’s29th birthday). When we know moreMegan, Kevin or I will let all of Catie’s family, friends, neighbors and well wishers know how they can help bring Catiehome with a true WELCOME HOME CATIE WE LOVE YOU. Stay tuned for more details.

Now that that is out of the way, Kevinoften warns me that I put projects before people. In this case the above paragraph was a project and this e-mail is a prayer, which is a form of communicating with a person – Jesus. The following thought occurred to me this morning:

…Catie may be God’s vehicle for us. I keep praying that I trust more fully in God and more fully trust His will be done in my life. His will not my will. Whenever I am praying for trust in the Lord I feel wonderful peace and serenity. Yesterday I received an e-mail from a wonderful woman, named of course Mary. Mary sent me an e-mail. (Mary’s email was one of only ten that I received yesterday. Do not be afraid to write to me. I will write back; that is what I do. Please don’t feel that you have to know me to write to me. You don’t. Please don’t feel obligated to write to me. I wouldn’t want you to ever feel that way because of me. If something makes you feel something even if it is one line and you want to send it. Send it. ) Back to Mary… Mary’s e-mail was a little story about God’s wonder. Basically the e-mail offered this thought. Trust in the Lord He may bring us to the edge of a cliff and say jump. If we trust we will jump. God will either catch us or teach us to fly. If however we don’t spend enough time in prayer with God and understand His voice we will question the unknown that is set before us.

For me that is the blessing of Catie. Catie’s situation and being separated from my family brings me many times throughout the day into prayer. Even more than before, and those of you who know me know that I have gone to daily Mass for years. My prayers of today seem deeper and richer many; of them offered through these e-mails. I don’t simply pray from Catie’s cure – certainly I want that – we all do. I don’t pray for Kevin and the other five so that God will watch over them – He will. God already answered that prayer by bringing Megan Connolly into our lives. Thank you God! I don’t pray for myself – I am good, really good. I pray mostly for you, for all of you, for any of you who have never prayed before, who have prayed but never asked someone to pray either withyou or for you. I pray for Phil who is searching for his soul mate – Catie is a little young – and the waiting is causing him “torment”. I pray for the other families of St. Jude’s patients who don’t have you as their network of support. Thank you. I pray for my trust in God. Catie to me is the anti 9/11 event.

Every one of us was affected by 9/11. Some of us more than others. What happened was beyond our imagination and evil. What is coming out of Catie’s Story was, before I began living it, beyond my imagination; and it is GOOD, all GOOD. Not just a little good for some. Catie’s Story has the potential, if it is God’s will. to be GOOD for countless people. Catie began as the vehicle and you all are becoming part of the vehicle as you read and send out Catie’s Story to others. Thank you. As you go into churches all over and light candles and say prayers. The map will be up soon. Candles have been lit in Poland!!

Today was another amazing day in the life of Catie. After the day at the hospital we came home to two of Memphis’ finest firefighters. Lieutenant Kurt Adams and Battalion Chief William Shannon Jones came to give gifts to Catie.Kurt noticed Catie at the visit to the Peabody with Uncle John and Aunt Lynn. The two men came to welcome Catie to Memphis and give her astuffed firedog,T-shirt andfirefighters patch. They offered to have them visit their homes. Kurt invited Catie to his daughter’s birthday party.

That ispart of the wonder of Catie. Later tonight we are going back to the Cannon Theatre tosee the finals of the Elvis Tribute Contest. I’m becoming a fan.Elvis knew how to sing about love. I missed Kevin even more. TheMilanese Family has adopted us and we are thrilled to have our own Elvis in the family, especially now that I am a fan!!

We thank you all very much for your continued support and prayers, and we ask God to continue to shower you with His blessings.

Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Catie, Mia, Molly, and M.E.

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