Day 1

Tonight MaryCatherine O’Brien was called home. The perfection of heaven is a bit brighter today as our sunshine with the radiant glow and smile is welcomed to her eternal reward. Catie’s battle on this earth is over and she has triumphed. Today she rests in the arms of her big sister Gianna, she reconnects with her GP, and she meets her Grandma Gladys and Mom-Mom Helen. I picture her riding a bicycle with the St. Jude kids who have gone before her. Her shell of a body, assaulted for months by her cancer has been restored to perfection and I am so thrilled for her. She went to sleep Friday at 4pm and never woke up. As she progressed through the final stages and her breathing became more erratic, we knew that we were in an accelerated timeframe. Kelly, the nurse from Hospice made the last day peaceful for Catie and visited us often over the last 36 hours and made sure that we were as prepared as possible and that we understood each of the final stages and were ready for it.

61 days ago, I held Catie in my arms and told her that her tumor was back and she wiped away tears and said she wanted to go home. Thanks to her strength and spirit, we made the 2 months memorable and fruitful. Thanks to the generosity of all of you, we fulfilled so many of her wishes, dreams, and prayers. We had logistical and financial support, people who helped with meals, chores, and cleaning so that we could concentrate on being a family. I had a generous and understanding boss, teammates and work environment that allowed me the flexibility to do what needed to be done and still spend as much time with Catie, Christine and the fab 5 as possible. We thank you all. Without you the time we had, as precious as it was, would not have been as rich and abundant.

I am blessed to have 6 beautiful and inspiring daughters and a wonderful son. 2 of them now reside in heaven and I have a sense of peace knowing that I have a new angel on my side. As I look into the eyes of my bride, I see the faith and determination that I fell in love with years ago and know that we will make it through this chapter and come out of it even stronger.

May God bless you and may you know that we are eternally grateful for your choice to share this journey with us

Thankful for our miracle,

Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Gianna, Catie, Mia, Molly, and M.E.

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