Catie’s Team,

Terrific news !!

The website is live and in beautiful purple color!!

The Big Big Design Team has been able to take Catie’s Wish and capture all of the love, joy, hope, excitement, and energy and translate it into a website.  We are thrilled with the result and know that you will be as well.  We have given our Directors, Advisors, and Ambassadors a preview and the site wowed them all, allowed them to shed a tear or two, and filled them with hope for the future.  We trust it will have the same impact on each of you who have been with us throughout Catie’s journey.  The Catie’s Story site exists within the framework of the new site, and we still intend to send out periodic updates and events as promptings of the Holy Spirit dictate.

Please let us know what you think, the site was created in, for, and by many of you and we want it to be something that all of us can be proud of.  We are confident that Catie would just love it!  Catie’s Wish is now on Facebook as well, and the big push in the next two months will be to use the website as a platform to spread the word about Catie and her wish.

Each of you felt drawn to this beautiful seven year old with the beaming smile and selfless heart, and it is our belief that others will as well.  Please pass the site along to all you know and invite them to do the same.  There is a feature on the new site that allows you to invite a friend or friends to visit the site.

The other way you can help us right now is to continue to pray.  Pray for the success of Catie’s Wish, pray for the kids that are battling their cancer right now, and pray for the next child who finds out that they have cancer.  One of the features of the new site is an Injured Reserve List of kids who we have been following and who many of you have been praying for.  As always, our first priority at the Catie’s Wish Foundation is to pray.  We have 61 days left to reach our second annual goal of $1.4 million and while we are close, we need your prayers and your decision to spread the word in order to get us over the goal.  Thank you very much for all of your prayers and your help.

A lady bug just landed on my mouse.  Must be Catie’s way of letting me know that I have given you all enough information for now.

May God bless you and the work of your hands,
God is good, all the time.
Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Mia, Molly, M.E., and always Catie

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2 Responses to “Launch!”

  1. Marthe Terry says:

    PRAISE GOD! Love that gorgeous shade of Passion/Easter crocus purple–Catie’s and my color! Will give before April 23rd, not to worry! Love, prayers and lots of success to this terrific endeavor! Marthe

  2. We at Big Big Design are so happy to have been able to work with Christine and Kevin and the whole of Catie’s Team to have created this site. The challenge inspired us and continues to inspire us daily.

    God is good all the time.