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Jai Powell wrote on May 22, 2009
May this Memorial Day bring peace to our world and support to the men and women who fight to protect our freedom. May God stay in our hearts and lead us to a path that will take us home to him. Hope Dad, Mom and Fab 5 have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day. I know Catie will be leading the parade in heaven. Bless you today and always.
Samantha wrote on May 22, 2009
Your family is ***. im only a waitress at macaroni grill...and meeting you guys tonight made me have to check this out, and i wish i could have met your catie. god bless you and your terrific family
Tammy Gallimore wrote on May 21, 2009
Thinking of your family and praying for all of you today.
Kathy Beyl wrote on May 19, 2009
Hi O\'Brien Family, I am so blessed to read your stories on this web site. You are truly an *** gift. I am in Memphis with my girls Elizabeth and Elizabeth. We appreciate your love and friendship. May God continue to bless your beautiful family. Grammie Kathy Beyl
Diane wrote on May 7, 2009
Dear O\'Briens: So thrilled to hear how the message of Catie\'s Legacy has spread and that we are so far along in reaching her goal for next year! Way to go, girl!!! I have posted the articles concerning the details of the Legacy (with those beautiful pictures of Catie) on my bulletin board in my office at St. Pius X HS. I willingly share the story with any willing to listen! Continued best wishes and know that you are in our prayers. The Grandes
Tammy Gallimore Martin wrote on May 4, 2009
Looks like soon enough Catie\'s account will be bringing in more money for cancer research than what the Federal Government funds. What an awesome little girl.
Jane Haas wrote on May 4, 2009
I thought a lot about you all this weekend. I bought purple tulips in honor of Catie. I got some cute pictures of Jensen with Molly, Mia and M.E. I will email them to you Christine. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Jane
Sylvia wrote on April 29, 2009
Just thinking about you and praying for you.... xoxo
michelle dunford wrote on April 24, 2009
I just wanted to say I am so thankful for the schedulers at St. Jude who brought Elizabeth and Catie to A/T at the same time that morning. Catie and your family have brought me so much peace and joy. Elizabeth looked like a doll in her dress today, Catie loved it I\'m sure, and we have been sitting in this room on the transplant floor where you were treated thinking of you all ALL day. Everyone here is so amazed and inspired by your daughter. You should be proud! We love you all and are so thankful for your support. I prayed last night to Catie for no eos, we are taking the 8 as a sign and will pray tonight for lower numbers! I BELIEVE! gOODNIGHT.
Jane Haas wrote on April 23, 2009
Dear O\'Brien Family, we were so honored to spend this evening with you. Thanks for including us. You have such an incredible family. I\'m so glad that Catie\'s wish came true for St. Jude\'s. May God bless you all, The Haas Family Jake, Jane, Jordan and Jensen
Joanne Geist wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday Catie :p I hope you are pleased that your wish has come true. I\'m sure you\'re family misses you today. You are a wonderful girl.
Cheri Koozer wrote on April 23, 2009
;) Happy Birthday dearest Catie. You continue to light the way for so many of us still here on earth! I could hardly believe that I don\'t own a single purple top but I do have my purple socks on today! May God and you continue to bless and comfort your family here on earth! Love, Cheri, Doug and Kailynn
Myrna & Bill Everly wrote on April 23, 2009
Dear O\'Brien family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today. What a thrill to have Catie\'s legacy met! Love, Myrna & Bill Everly
Debbie Stewart wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday Catie! What an *** little girl you must have been! I know that your parents must have been so proud of you!
Peggy Gallmann MAW wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday Catie!!! I had to light some candles at church for you this morning cause that light of yours never stops!!! While on earth, you lit up the days and now in heaven you continue to do so while completing your goal for St. Judes!!! You are ***!!! Keep the light burning ~~ Love Peggy 8)
Marthe Terry wrote on April 23, 2009
Dearest Catie--Happy Birthday to you as you are having a glorious time in heaven! I\'m wearing purple today in your honor--my favorite color as well. Thank you for praying for all of us who came to know and love you and pray for you here on earth. Be a sweet angel to your beautiful family and be our Saint! Kevin, Christine, Fab Five and all the O\'Brien and Closkey clan--my love and prayers for all of you on this special day. Hope there\'s a whole purple wearing contingent out there! Blessings and love, Marthe
Carrie Denning wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday, Catie! Your memory and legacy continues, you can be so proud. Kevin and family, may God comfort you on this day with sweet memories and blessings of friends. My heart is with you.
Heather Bendel wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday Catie. Words cannot even explain how much I am missing you. We all love you dearly- and its hard. I think of you everyday and I do know that you are in a very beautiful place, where being sick is never an issue, and I know you are smiling down at us. I love you ALWAYS & forever Love, your cousin, Heather
colleen wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday Catie! You would be so proud of everyone here as your birthday wishes were granted. Thank you for such a wonderful and selfless wish. You did it!! All our love- Colleen & Ellie Bouchard
Brenda Rydell wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday Catie!!! We think of you all the time. We love you and miss you like crazy!
Jai Powell wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Heavenly Birthday to sweet Catie. As I dressed in purple today, I imagined crowded streets in cities everywhere wearing Catie\'s chosen color. I pray her challenge will forever be remembered and this world will soon be forever cancer free. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Gretchen Spann wrote on April 23, 2009
Dear Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Mia, Molly and M.E.- We are thinking of all of the O\'Brien Clan on Catie\'s birthday. Lots of love from Maine, Gretchen, Phil, Finn & Neve
Tammy Gallimore Martin wrote on April 23, 2009
Happy Birthday, Catie!
Catherine Hodges Kaslusky wrote on April 23, 2009
Congratulations on reaching such a milestone in fundraising efforts for Catie\'s Legacy! WOW! I am AMAZED at how quickly 1.8 million dollars has accumulated on Catie\'s thermometer!!! How absolutely wonderful! I cannot imagine how proud you are of Catie and the great Legacy she began for St. Jude\'s! What a phenomenal gift Catie has given everyone at St. Jude\'s on her birthday! We will all be clad in purple tomorrow! Tomorrow, rejoice in the greatness Catie has given her friends and Doctor\'s in Memphis!
Tammy Gallimore Martin wrote on April 22, 2009
Christine, When I subscribed to Catie\'s story updates last fall, I do so in hopes of being a blessing to you and your family with words of encouragement and prayers. More and more I am finding that I am the one being blessed. Your updates remind us of God\'s love for us, remind us to love others, to take notice of who and what God has blessed us with to care for and love, and more. I pray for you and your family as you face each new day. I pray that in some small way, I can be a blessing to others from what I have learned not only from Catie but all of the O\'Briens. My girls and I will remember Catie in purple on Thursday. God Bless all of you.
Aunt KC wrote on April 21, 2009
With regard to today\'s update...PTL!!! Love you all, aunt kc ;)
dee mcnamara wrote on April 21, 2009
You dont know us but we were sent over to your site by Elizabeth Dunfords mom...just to send love & prayers your way. We will wea purple on Thursday for Caties B-day!
Marvin and Carrie Long wrote on April 20, 2009
Was just checking in to see how you all were holding up. We still hold you in our thoughts and prayers. I read on trevor\'s page thursday is catie\'s b-day, we will be thinking of her and all of you. I don\'t have a purple band for her but will wear purple for her and will think of her on that day.
Amanda wrote on April 15, 2009
I just started at St, Jude and heard about Catie\'s wish. I work in the direct marketing department and get daily updates. We\'re all pretty sure that her wish will be fulfilled and then some. Thank you for sharing her story. She continues to inspire all of us.
Pam Vampran wrote on April 9, 2009
Trevor has taken to heart the day of sweet Catie\'s birthday. Today he was measured for his tux for the prom. The prom is on Catie\'s birthday. He chose her favorite color for his vest and tie. He said there was no better way to honor her than to wear her color to the St. Jude Prom. Her bracelet will be with him too. You all made a great impact on him when you visited with him. WE love you and are praying for you!

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