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Tammy Gallimore Martin wrote on January 1, 1970
My prayers and my thoughts are continually with you through this journey. May God's love continue to surround each of you and give you strength.
Myrna & Bill Everly wrote on January 1, 1970
Our thoughts & prayers are with all of you as you continue with this sad journey. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love & prayers, Myrna & Bill Everly :(
The Cherians wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie Certainly, you are an angel. You are such an awesome inspiration of God's love in this world. We will forever be grateful for your grace, your faith and your example of answering God's call in this life. I wish we could give you a big squeeze and a kiss--Christine--give her a big one of each for us! Your Aunt Marissa, Uncle Saj, Cole and Alessandra are truly humbled by you. May God Bless you and your equally inspiring and *** mom and dad. Christine and Kevin-we love you guys, we are praying for you, and we are here for you 24/7. Fab 5-we love each one of you! M
Jessica wrote on January 1, 1970
dear Catie, When I was in Washington, D.C. this past Thursday for the March for Life, I lit a candle for you at the National Shrine. I HOPE and PRAY you will be fulfilled with your miracle, and if that's not what God is thinking for you, you will end up in the comfiest place there is to be !! keep the strength and hope always, jess.
The Richards Family wrote on January 1, 1970
Our thoughts and prayers are with you every day. Simon, our 7 yr old, wants Catie to be comfortable and eat a lot of pumpkin pie. We do hope that you all are fairing well and that there is peace in your household. love Tammy and Simon
Marvin and Carrie Long wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie, You have put up one heck of a fight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on your journey to eternal life. I'm sure it's been really hard but O'Brien family, you are such a great family. However much longer you have with Catie I know you will treasure it and cherish them last moments. Sending prayers and good thoughts to you all.
Kim wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie, A dear friend of mine told me about you and of your courage. I just wanted to say Hello to you from here in central England and send love from me and my family to you and yours. from Kim xxx
molly bauer wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear O'Brien Family, We are sending nothing but love your way and pray for peace in your family. You have touched our hearts and souls ...GOD Bless you all and keep you wrapped in his safe embrace!! Catie, you are so loved by all these wonderful people in your life!!! Your St. Al's friends, the Bauers
Catherine Hodges Kaslusky wrote on January 1, 1970
Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, Maggie, Max, Mia, Molly, M.E., and dearest Catie, Praying for your entire family every moment of the day. Catie, your legacy will happen! I can tell by your parents updates they will make it happen, just think - you have got 5 beautiful siblings that will be able to carry our your legacy through everyone they meet and touch. I know they will do that! Continue to share the courage of your journey, your honesty through your writings, your strength as a family, and most importantly your wisdom in your love of God. Although those four words are the heart and sole of the Four Diamonds fund at Hershey Med, I know that your friends at St Jude's also work for the same cure! loving you to the moon and back!
Amber wrote on January 1, 1970
Thank you so much for sharing your story with so many. Your family has touched my heart! I pray for you all daily.
Sylvia wrote on January 1, 1970
THE LORD IS HERE His Spirit is with us WE NEED NOT FEAR His Spirit is with us WE ARE SURROUNDED BY LOVE His Spirit is with us WE ARE IMMERSED IN PEACE His Spirit is with us WE ABIDE IN HOPE His Spirit is with us WE TRAVEL IN FAITH His Spirit is with us WE LIVE IN ETERNITY THE LORD IS HERE ~ from The Book of a Thousand Prayers
The Kuszyk's wrote on January 1, 1970
We are with you in spirit and we are praying for all of you. May God bless you and fill you with unlimited peace. Hugs To all! The Kuszyk's
Jody Cole wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, We're conducting an icon writing (painting) class at St. Joe's on Tues. nights. Everyone is painting the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At the beginning of the class we mention petitions to write into our icons. I just wanted to let you know that we've lifted your intentions and will continue to do so throughout the class...these intentions will live in the icons forever..... peace, prayers and blessings, Jody Cole
Michelle wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello Catie, Remember me? I was a student of your Aunt KC's back in High School and now I attend DeSales University. This is for you... Compassionate *** Teacher Inspirational Endearing You are always in my prayers sweetheart. God bless, Michelle Khawam
Stacey McCormick wrote on January 1, 1970
The world is a small place. Several months ago I got an email from my friend Marsha from Dover, PA. In it was Catie's story, which she received from her friend Susan, whose son Paul is in Catie's class. I was moved by the faith and love of your family. I found myself profoundly affected by the words in your blog, so much so that I shared them with my friends and family. Then, a few weeks ago I saw a post on a friend's Facebook page about praying for Catie at 10 am the day you were in Lourdes. I thought, how does she know about Catie? It turns out her family, the Antrim's, know Catie's aunt from a prayer group in Allentown. What are the odds that two different sources would bring Catie's story to me, in little Sellersville, Bucks County? I don't believe this is coincidence. For whatever reason, I was meant to know Catie's story. Maybe I was lamenting some trivial thing that day and needed to be reminded of my blessings. Or maybe I needed to see what true trust in God is, or just maybe I will need to call on the memories of your strength during a future trial. Whatever the reason, I thank God I got that email. You are a true witness to the gospel. I pray that if ever I am faced with the trials you and Catie have endured these 7 months, that I can cling to Christ as you have and be a witness to that faith. God bless you all in your journey and may His peace and comfort be with you always.
Christine WHartenby wrote on January 1, 1970
My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time. Heaven has gained a true angel. Christine
Gretchen Miura wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear O`Brien Family, We continue to pray for you in this time of grieving. Catie is an angel who has touched thousands of lives and will be missed dearly. She has found eternal peace with God. Thank you for sharing her miracle. Love, Gretchen (Zachman) Miura
Sylvia wrote on January 1, 1970
I now know why I was being tugged yesterday. Catie, I know that you must have had an *** WELCOME HOME in heaven. Please watch over my buddy Luke during his surgery on 2/10. To all of Catie's family and friends - God's peace be with you. with much love, sylvia
Agnes wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Christine and Kevin, Our deepest sympathy and prayers are with all of you as you say goodbye to Cartie. Agnes, Ted, Julia and Ania
Myrna & Bill Everly wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Christine, Kevin, Maggie, Max, Mia,Molly & M.E., Please accept our deepest sympathy. Thank you for sharing Catie's story with us. Catie is & was an angel. We will never forget all of you. Love & prayers, Myrna & Bill Everly
Karen wrote on January 1, 1970
May God give you strength and peace. You are in my prayers.
Jane Haas wrote on January 1, 1970
You are truly an *** family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with all of us. I feel like I know you from seeing you all at church and through this website. We continue to pray for you. The Haas Family Jane, Jake, Jordan and Jensen
Peggy Gallmann wrote on January 1, 1970
I'm sure the red carpet was rolled out and everyone in Heaven was there to greet and welcome the courageous girl who stole the hearts of everyone she met. And now she is stealing all their hearts as well ~ although I doubt there is stealing going on in heaven. Just eternal bliss ~ And no one deserves it more than Catie!!!! God Bless You All !!! She will always live on ~~~ Peggy
The Grandes wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear O'Brien's: Please know that we are keeping you all in our prayers. We are ever so grateful that the Brady family shared your story and that you have allowed us to travel this journey with you through your beautiful words. We truly believe that Catie is an angel, who for too short a time walked among us on earth. Now she has traveled on to her heavenly home and will peacefully continue her angelic journey. How fortunate that we can look to the heavens and without doubt know she is there interceding for us all. Diane, Peter, and Jen Grande
Lisa Caputo wrote on January 1, 1970
Christine and Kevin, (and Fab 5 as well), I am so sorry to hear that Catie's time here on earth has passed. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you by sharing your story. Please know that you will continue to be in our prayers. Catie's was an *** girl with a wonderful spirit. She has touched so many lives in her short life here and made such a positive impression. She was so lucky to have such wonderful parents to learn from and be an example of. She is probably smiling down on you now. Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for you during this time... God bless, Lisa
Patty Neumeier wrote on January 1, 1970
I'm crying listening to your story from Father Roderick. May God grant you peace.
the hannafords wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Kevin, Christine & family, We are praying for you and your continued strength.....Catie now rests in peace....God Bless You! Eileen, Patrick & Kevin, Jr.
Renae Scott wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Kevin and family, My heart aches for you today. I am so sorry for your loss and pray that God gives you the strength and support in this time of mourning and grief. Verse from Song "On Eagles Wings" "And He will raise you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn, Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of His Hand."
Sylvia wrote on January 1, 1970
Leave~Taking By Sandra Bury When the coming of your death Became an awareness on the planet Some wondrous events began. The word went out that you were preparing to leave, To leave this place that you call home. The word was heard by the wind And it promised to blow Under you and push you. The clouds heard the wind and billowed for joy.
Marvin and Carrie Long wrote on January 1, 1970
O'brien family, I am very sorry for your loss. Our family will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.