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The Burrell Family (Keith, Stephanie, El wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, Happy Thanksgiving! It's so wonderful that you have your family together to celebrate such an important holiday! You are in our prayers every day. God bless each and every one of you! Love, The Burrell Family (Mr and Mrs. Burrell, Elizabeth, Mary Kate, Sarah and Jack) Gilbertsville, PA
Lisa Caputo wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello O'Brien Family, We wanted to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. It is great that you can all be together to celebrate. We continue to pray for you all daily. Thank you for touching our lives. Hugs and kisses to you all, The Caputo Family
Michael Brown wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie - Today in school we had to write about how to help someone. Do you have homework? Next summer I will sell lemonade and brownies at our garage sale. And send the money to your family to help. Last year, I made $80.00! Happy Turkey day! :grin
jamie cozens wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie, Thank you for the very cool St. Jude striped socks for baby Sydney. She loves them and they look so cute on her too. We will send you more pictures very soon. We love you Catie! Love, Jamie, Adam, and Sydney Cozens
Mrs. Shych wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie I'm so glad your whole family is together for the Thanksgiving holiday. We had mass today at St. Al's and as always you are in our prayers here in Pottstown. God Bless, Mrs. Shych
Cheri Koozer wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, We are so happy that you are spending Thanksgiving with your family! You have given us so much to be thankful for. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers everyday! Happy Thanksgiving. Love, Cheri Koozer
The Cherian Family wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi O'Brien and Closkey Clans, Wishing you much peace and love on this Thanksgiving Day and always. Catie-you are a remarkable girl and we love you so much. As for the rest of the gang, well, to be honest--you are remarkable and lovable as well! We are thankful to have you in our lives. God Bless! With love, Aunt Marissa, Uncle Saj, Cole and Alessandra
Michael Fiore wrote on January 1, 1970
Happy Thanksgiving, Catie. Have a great day with your great family. Thinking of you. Mike Fiore
Sylvia wrote on January 1, 1970
Good morning Catie! Well, the two of three turkeys are finished (my sister is making the third one), the stuffing and mashed potatoes are finished, and so is the creamed spinach....everyone else is bringing something which makes it very nice. Oooo...I'm just looking at the paintings on your window here on the pictures as they are scrolling through.....who is the artist??!!! Just beautiful! And so cheery! When our friend Christi was at CHOP, Michele would always draw on Christi's window. They had so much fun doing that! We are very excited to be gathering with our crew .....Michele and Meghan tease me that they don't know half of the people at our Thanksgiving table - they think I stop at the airport and pick people up....that's because one year we had to pick someone up at the airport and there was a woman there who wasn't sure where she was going - I asked her to come have dinner with us - she took our phone # just in case. Hey, the more, the merrier, right? Always room for one more I say! Do you know that Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday? Even more so than Christmas! Everyone isn't so stressed about shopping.....seems that the real focus of Christmas gets kind of lost. But at Thanksgiving we all really stop and appreciate one another and seem to understand the meaning. I would like to thank YOU Catie, and your mom and dad, and your sisters and brother for showing us how to love Jesus and each other, how to appreciate all of the little things. Thank you for letting us come along with you on your journey. I never, ever stop praying for you.... forever and ever. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! much love, sylvia xoxo
Ellen Skinner wrote on January 1, 1970
Wow! What a beautiful Thanksgiving Day! I know you will get outside and enjoy the gift of this Tennessee weather! Catie, the entire Skinner family wishes you and your family a wonderful and happy Thanks Giving; Jeff, Ellen, Colin and Lucas. We all have much for which to be thankful! Praise be to God and enjoy this day! Colins says, don't eat too much turkey--it gives you gas! hahahaha Lots of love!
Michael Pascarella wrote on January 1, 1970
Kevin and Christine, I am in awe of your strength and your faith. In all of your suffering, you are bringing Jesus Christ to the rest of us by your example. After yesterday's email, I sent out a call for prayer. I assure you that shortly, every deacon and deacon-candidate in the Archdioceses of Philadelphia, as well as Bishop Daniel Thomas, will be joining you in prayer. Kevin, you are so right about the blessings that you and your family have received, as we all have received blessings from God. But to have the eyes to see that in the middle of everything else going on is a pure gift, in and of itself. I wish so much that I could do something! So, I will share this with you. I ask anyone who readis this post to say a prayer to Father Michael Anthony Capuano each day, for Catie's intention. Father was my pastor from Saint Lucy's in Manayunk, and my friend. He died over 20 years ago. As he was dying, he comforted the man who took him to the hospital. In that moment, he was Jesus Christ on the cross. I believe that he is in Heaven, and he has interceded for me on numerous occasions. If the Spirit so moves you, pray for Father's intercession with this prayer... "Heavenly Father, through your Son, Jesus Christ, You have given a holy priesthood to the world, so that by the work of these faithful servants, Your plan for salvation and redemption may be fulfilled. From their blessed hands, You feed us with the Eucharist and heal us in Reconciliation. Father, in Your love for us, You blessed us with a holy and humble priest in the person of Father Michael Anthony Capuano. This simple parish priest, whom You have called from this life to his eternal reward, accomplished the great task of bringing Jesus to everyone he met by the way he lived. Grant us by his intercession, and according to Your will, the graces we now implore, hoping that he will soon be numbered among your saints. Amen." Love and God's blessings! Mike, Susan, Michael and Matthew Pascarella
Gabby Bender wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! How are you doing? Ihope well!!!! My mom says hi.Get well soon Sincerely, (: Gabby Bender
Makenna wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, Happy Thanksgiving!If you what to add me to your friends list on Webkinz hear is my username,makennarmay. love, Makenna :grin
Sylvia wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello Catie! Are you all stuffed from your Thanksgiving dinner? We had a very, very nice Thanksgiving. I have a little funny to share. Before we said our prayer we all "introduced" ourselves, because there were some people here who did not know each other. As everyone took their turn I was just in awe....we are sooo blessed beyond words to have friends in our life, aren't we? Well, it's time for Michele's friend John to say something and he says "I'm John, and they found me at the airport"!!! Everyone broke out in a giggle! I thought I would share Victor's Thanksgiving Prayer with you: Our Precious Heavenly Father, We thank You for the blessings you've bestowed upon this home and on those gathered here. We thank You for all those persons in our lives who have chosen us to be their friends for truly this is a rich and sacred trust. We thank You for our jobs, our homes, and all that we have, give us only that which we need. We thank You for the joys and sorrows that bind us ever closer. We thank You for those serving in our armed services so that we may live in security and peace, we pray for their safe return. We thank You for our loved ones and friends who have died and gone before us for their love abides with us forever. We thank You for teaching us that we can do no great things, only small things with great love. We thank You for all who work to bring this food to us, and those who have worked to prepare it. For thy bounty we are about to receive, may we be truly thankful. Amen. Mike, I have printed out the prayer and I will pass this on to our prayer chain. Thank you. Have a good evening everyone! love, sylvia xoxo
The Winter Family wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello Catie - We want to wish you a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving (we know - a day late - but we thought of your ALL of your large family celebrating all day). Mr. Winter played in our HS reunion football game....he got moved to the "old" team -they did well, they won...Mr. Winter only came home with a slightly pulled groin, a twisted ankle and bruised heel, and he kept getting 2 charlie horses in his one leg - BUT they won (your parents will probably appreciate that more than you), Brendan worked on his robots, Brittany went to the Philadelphia Parade sponsored by IKEA?? and Angela, who is your age, played Little Pet Shop - her pet shop animals are planning for a dressup party for today. And I, well I watched the parade and took a couple of naps. You know how everyone has a favorite food of Thanksgiving - we were wondering what yours is?? Angela's is the giagantic Turkey Leg!!! and the stuffing and the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin pie, and pretty much whatever she can eat. THe first year she wanted the big Turkey leg - we thought she was kidding - it was as big as her head!!! Brittany's favorite is the stuffing and sweet potatoes and anything Chocolate! Brendan is the meat and potatoes man - so he likes the turkey and stuffing smothered in brown gravy! We didn't have a big celebration this year since we usually go to Brendan, Brittany's and Angela's Grandparents house ( they call them Omi and Omi, which is German for Mommom and Poppop - their Grandmother is from Germany and she moved her when she was 19 to marry their grandpop) but their Grandmom (Omi) was in the hospital for a kidney operation. So we went to their Great Grandmom's on the other side of the family. Their Great Grandmom has dementia (memory loss) pretty bad, but she just turned 91. She lives with her sister who is 87 and just this past august, had hip surgury and had to have her intestines removed and a colostomy bag put in....that was her first operation every. Since August they have had caregivers that stay with them 24 hours a day. So the main Caregiver invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. Their Great Grandmom taught 1st grade for 40 years at Hillcrest in Drexel Hill, PA. She just LOVES kids...she still even gets Christmas cards, pictures from Wedding and new babies from her 1st grade students who are now your parents age and older. She is a dear woman and she would love you! We just want to know Catie how much you are loved by so many people. We hope you know and are pretty sure you do, know how much you are love by God and that he is suffering whenever you suffer. We also want you to know, even though we haven't seen you in a long time - your strength and determination and love for life touch us every day. It helps us parents to remember the small blessing each and every day God gives up and to treasure them. We see your smile, we see your light, you are a ray of sunshine where-ever you go or even don't go - just by knowing you and even for those you only know you through your parent's emails! We truely do love you Catie and your entire family - you have touched us greatly over these last 6 months and will continue....for this we are forever Thankful. God Bless and enjoy you family!!! Love The Winter Family Mark, Suzanne, Brendan, Brittany, Angela :roll :eek :grin 8) :)
Ellen Skinner wrote on January 1, 1970
Happy Day After Thanks Giving, Catie! Are you doing some fun things with your family here in Memphis? Go visit the Botanical Gardens and go to the koi ponds in the Japanese garden...there are koi the size of cats in the pond and you can feed them and they will practically come out of the water to get the food! They have big, fat koi lips and you can pet them. It is a fun thing to do. My boys till like to do this. Or, go to Shelby Farms just off of Walnut Grove Road and enjoy the beauty of this nature park and see our buffalo herd that lives there. Their coats are very shaggy as it is getting colder outside. We are fixing your minivan today and it will be ready later today. If you are getting tired of riding in that silly Jeep car with the letter tires, I will bring back the comfortable minivan to you tomorrow. Have a good day! Colin and Lucas say "hi" too. Lots of love, Ellen ;)
Kris Borngrebe wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Christine- I have been home for 5 days and have not had a moment to check your site until today- we are in the hospital for JOnah's fever. I have been crying for your family...I am so sorry to hear the news of Catie's tumor growing back... I wish I was there to give you a hug... It was good seeing you at mass on Sunday. My heart aches for you and the kids... I will continue to pray and ask God that he hold you in his arms throughout everything and that Catie not be in any pain. I think of you guys often and my heart breaks for you! You will rpobably already be home when we comew back in December- I will keep updated...and keep praying for a miracle. I am so glad to have met you and your beautiful daughter Catie and that smile of hers! All our love and prayers- Kris, Jonah and the rest of the Borngrebes
Mrs. Terrie Blackmon-Bess wrote on January 1, 1970
Thank God and you{Kevin & Christine} for sharing yourselves and Catie with the world. I love your courage and the phrase God knows what he is doing. I will keep you all in my prayers and may God bless your every need. :upset :p
Cyndi & Randy Evans wrote on January 1, 1970
We have been praying for you since our neighbor John Christie told us about a little girl named Catie in his class at school. No matter what we will continue to pray that Jesus reaches down and touches your life and makes you whole!
Pat Gilbreth wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, Christine, Kevin and "Company", I've been thinking about you all during this Thanksgiving weekend and know you all are having a wonderful time being together. I looked at the pictures from Memphis and it sure does look like that! Kevin, your messages are so beautifully written and express so well all the emotions you are experiencing as you continue this difficult journey. Thank you for sharing your words with us and thanks to you, Christine and Catie for setting such a strong example of courage for everyone who loves you all. Love, Pat
Dorice Millar wrote on January 1, 1970
Thinking and praying for all of you! Love the Millar's, Dorice and Kevin Caela, Kristen, Kevin, Matthew, Kelly, Mary Beth, Natalie, Katie
Agnes T. wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie and Family, Our continuing thoughs and prayers are with all of you. We are honored to be able to join in this journey with you--thank you for letting us into your lives. You have been an inspiration to all of us and we are in a constant awe of your faith in God and love for one another. God bless you. Agnes and family
Carson Family wrote on January 1, 1970
We are so happy that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We continue to pray for you - for healing, for continued blessings, for joy and fun! Kyle and Jaime hope to see you at school before Christmas. They are so excited about the Christmas pageant this year - Mrs. Hodges told everyone they should keep their songs a secret, but they've let them slip out a few times! God bless you and your family...Michelle, Jim, Kyle and Jaime Carson
Michael and Kim Lane wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Caite! We are so glad that you had your best Thanksgiving ever! We can't wiat to see you back in Mechanicsburg. We are praying for you and all of your family every day! Love, Michael, Kim, Joshua, John David and Kiersten Lane
The Fairchild's wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie - I know you don't know us but I went to high school with your mom. We all have been praying for you and your family everyday. I have two daughters Carlee (11) and Brooke (8) who keep you in their prayers everynight. They love looking at your pictures and think your pretty cool! As a matter of fact Carlee put on her Christmas wish list that she wants to meet you. You never know maybe someday she will. We are so glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with all of your family and please tell your mom I said hi! Keep smiling that beautiful smile! The Fairchild's Jill, Mark, Carlee and Brooke
Jess Jones wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie, You may not remember me, but I was a volunteer and St. Al's vacation bible school when you and your family were involved and I was also at the event for you in King of Prussia. I want you to know you are a very strong, brave little girl. Everytime i see your radiant smile in the beautiful pictures, i can't help but smile, too. You'll continue to be in my prayers and the prayers of everyone here. We say prayers for you daily at St. Pius. Keep fighting, don't ever lose hope or that smile of yours : ) In God I Trust, Jess Jones
Cookie & Ray Dolan wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Christine, Catie, Kevin & the fab 5, We are so happy that you were all together as a family for Thanksgiving. We are still praying for a very special miracle for Catie. Our best to you always, Cookie & Ray Dolan
Elaine Rainey wrote on January 1, 1970
Mother Teresa said that sometimes we are not just carrying our crosses, we are up on them! It is during those times, however, that we are so close to Jesus that we can just turn our heads and kiss Him. We love you- you super family- you
Frances Spann wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, Christine and Kevin and all: I am happy to hear that this was the best Thanksgiving ever! I am sure that it was fun to be with so many of your family. I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day. I am very proud to be one of your prayer warriers. Love to all, Fran Spann
The White's wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie, We are so glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are praying for you everyday and night. We miss you and love you. Mr. and Mrs. White, Audra, and Brady

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