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ben long wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear,CatieImisyouHowareyou,whatareyougoingtobeforHALLOWEEN??????? :cry .
Abby Sprenkle wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Cate=Abby.HI Cate I HOPE you FEEL better soon. I can't wait to see you again. What are you being for halloween for a coststoom? I miss you.
Cassie Everly wrote on January 1, 1970
HI CATE=CASSIE.HI Cate I HOPE you Feel Better SOON. I HOPE TO SEE YOU Again. what are you going to be for Halloween for a coststoom? i miss a wiches.
Christen wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Caitie! I hope you feel better soon. I really miss you. I hope you come back to school soon. We pray for you evry morning. What are you being for Hallaween. From Christen Z.
breanna Q. wrote on January 1, 1970
hi catie. What are you being for Hallowen? I can't wait till you come back.I am in 2B.In art I made a sky.I hope you come back Breanna.
Catherine T. wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie How are you? Are you having fun? I am relly missing you a lot. I hope you will come back soon. Love cath.
Derek y wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie My name is Derek.I am in 2B. How are you?Today I wet to Mrs.Dillon and I only had 5 minutes of recess..I am being Batman for Halloween.I wish you wre stil in school...
Michael wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie how are you doing? Are you sad that you can't play or talk with your friends? sincerely, Michael
teyah 2B wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie how are you doing? You know we miss you a lot.I hope your feeling good.Everyone misses you.Love teyah.
Ana D. wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie I hope you our feeling good. I miss you. I hope you come back soon.LOVE ***.
Mrs. Humphries wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, I hope you enjoyed reading the book about Christopher Columbus. I think it had some interesting facts about his life. We're learning more about the seven continents, in Social Studies right now. We pray for you every morning. I know a lot of people that are praying for your whole family. The Halloween parade and party is scheduled for this coming Friday, October 31st. I'm planning to dress like one of the characters from the American Girl books but I don't have my costume yet. I guess I better work on it over this week-end. Hugs, Barbara P.S. All twenty-six of your friends from 2B wrote to you today. I, along with Mrs. K. tried to help them with spelling but I'm sure there will be a few you'll have to figure out some of the words.
Lauren K wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie.Im In class 2B at SJS.Im the kid that came to see you in the Hershey hospital.Are you having fun at the Target house?It's not as fun without you.Love your friend Lauren.
Owen D. wrote on January 1, 1970
Evrybody misses you at SJS. Were praying evrey day that you get better. 2A and 2B what you are being for Halloween.
Rebecca wrote on January 1, 1970
DearCatie I really miss you.I really hope you get better soon.And we pray for you evry morning at school.2A and 2B both really miss you.Catie your are 2A and 2Bs Hero .By Catie.Love Rebecca.J.
Mrs. Rosti wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi, Catie! Your 2A friends and I went to the computer lab today to send you lots of love, notes, and wishes. Somehow, after everyone typed their messages to you, none of them would go through :( Mrs. Humphries and her class fixed the problem, and I can see that their messages to you are here. 2A will try again next week. I hope you enjoyed their letters and pictures! I'm glad to hear that you are doing lots of school work. Have you been writing in your journal, too? I hope so! We all hope you are feeling OK. We miss you! Take care, Mrs. Rosti
Michelle Call wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, I just wanted to drop in again and say hello. Today my little boy is having a halloween party here at home for his classmates. We are going to play games and hopefully I won't be to scared when I see some of the costumes... :) . I'm going to be a black cat...and I'm gonna dress up for work on halloween too. I sincerely and honestly think of you everyday Catie. You are one terrific little girl. Love and caring to you, Michelle 8)
Audra wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie, I miss you very much, and I keep praying for you and your family. I know you need to make sure you eat, so I think you should eat some mac and cheese. It's one of my favorite foods! Love, Audra
Sylvia Pituch wrote on January 1, 1970
Good morning Catie! I hope it will be a Happy Saturday for you. It is downpouring here in the Lehigh Valley. But we need the rain too. It has been a really beautiful Fall season for the most part. Two weeks ago we drove up to Boston to visit Michele and the leaves on the trees were just so amazingly brilliant in red, orange and yellow! I loved reading all of the messages from your classmates. Yes Catie, you are our hero and I am so blessed to have you touch my life in sharing your journey. Tonight we will be watching the Penn State vs Ohio State football game, AND the Phillies (Victor's going to set up the little TV next to the big one)!!! Hoping that Penn State AND the Phillies win! My friend Angela who goes to Ohio State sent me a BIG bag of Buckeye pasta salad mix to make! She's silly! I told her that I hope it won't leave a bad taste in my mouth! Our daughter Meghan is going to visit friends about 40 min from here, so she called and asked if I could meet her to pick up her dog Kiela to spend the night at "grandma's" - so we'll have Kiela with us - then Meghan will come here tomorrow and we will be having a little party for my grandma's 90th birthday which is the day before Halloween! I never stop praying for you and your family Catie! much love, sylvia xoxo Have you seen any butterflies recently?
Sonia Griffin wrote on January 1, 1970
Kevin, I love to read your updates on your beautiful daughter, family and most of all your faith in Our Almighty GOD the Father. Thank you for sharing your testimony. You all inspire my entire family. You are a great messenger of GOD and I'm thankful to hear HIS words. May the Lord bless you all and continue to carry you all forever!! The Griffin's Charles, Sonia, Faith and Elijah
Brett & Sophia (ALIAS UNDERDOG!) wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello Catie, It
Marthe Terry wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi, Catie and your Fabulous Faith-Filled Family! My Mother and I send our love and loads of PRAYERS! ;) I saw you and your Dad and all at the Catie's Party at St. James last month. I cut out your photo from the flyer and have it on my dresser in a frame with a Crucifix, statues of Our Blessed Mother and St. Therese and prayer cards and a bottle of Lourdes water. I bless your picture with Lourdes water each morning and pray for you every day. So that's my Catie Shrine for you! Be brave and please pray for us, too. My Mother needs a new front tooth! She laughs about it and says she looks great for Halloween! :p So please pray she gets the right dentist to put in a new tooth. She's very old but very young at heart! ;) Love and hugs, Marthe
Kelly Fahnestock wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello Catie, It's Maggie's teacher, Mrs. Fahnestock. I want you to know that Maggie is very excited to come visit you and your mom. My class prays for you and the other children at St. Jude's everyday. The scarecrows Maggie brought down were made by both 5A and 1A (Mia's class). They are to decorate some of the doors in the hospital or at Target House. We are looking forward to hearing about Maggie's visit with you. Have a blessed day!
LeeAnn & David Lindsay wrote on January 1, 1970
Hello Catie and the O'Brien clan, We are happy to hear that treatment so far has been uneventful (as uneventful as chemo can be that is). You are one strong, brave young lady! Keep up the great job eating all those calories so you stay strong and your renewed immune system will grow even stronger. We are sending lots of cyber hugs (germ-free of course! Your mom will laugh at that comment coming from me.) Anna and Nico continue to say special prayers for you nightly, and send you lots of love. Peace, Lee Ann, David, Anna and Nico Lindsay
Shelley Zabroske wrote on January 1, 1970
Hey Catie, I went to NYC this weekend and lit lots of candles for you! I lit the candles in front of St. Jude, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Joseph, and St. Michael. I'm thinking of you all the time! Miss you. Love, Mrs. Zabroske
Makenna wrote on January 1, 1970
On Friday we tried to send you a e-mail at the computer lab.I hope you get better soon. Love, Makenna
Sylvia Pituch wrote on January 1, 1970
HAPPY WEDNESDAY CATIE! Earlier today we were having snow showers, now the sun is shining bright and I even hear someone outside cutting the grass! Now that's a sound of summer! My niece lives in the Poconos and she had over 8" of snow yesterday. Maybe tonight the Phillies will finally get to finish those innings and win the World Series! Glad to read mom's update that you're feeling pretty good. You are in our constant prayer. much love, sylvia xoxo 8)
Ryan and Brent Holzman wrote on January 1, 1970
Hey Catie, We told you before that you have as many fans rooting for you as the Phillies do. Well, they won the World Series last night and there's a parade tomorrow. We think there should be a parade for you too when you're all well and come home! We look forward to that day and in the meantime, send our super-sized prayers! Ryan and Brent :p :p
Catherine wrote on January 1, 1970
HAPPY HALLOWEEN CATIE!!!!!!! hope you are having a "treatfilled" day! :-) happy weekend!
Sylvia wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope you have a good weekend. xoxo :roll
Mrs. Mary Earnest wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi there, Catie! I hope you had a fun Halloween. I did. I think it's fun to dress up and pretend to be someone or something else for a while. Last weekend I went to visit my son who works in Charlottesville, Virginia. While there, I also visited Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. It was pretty neat. It's as busy as ever at school. St. Joseph Church is having Eucharistic Devotions today, Monday, and Tuesday. The students will be praying before the Blessed Sacrament on Monday and Tuesday, and you can be sure we will say many prayers for you! The Catie Fun Run is only two weeks away, but I am certain the time will pass quickly, and it will be here in no time. I am really looking forward to it! Know that I am thinking of you and praying for you every day! Love, Mrs. Earnest