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Lauren Tribeck wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, I lit a candle for you today at my Grammy and Pappy's church. I am praying for you a lot. It looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving with all of your family. I had a nice Thanksgiving too. I hope I get to see you soon. :roll Love, Lauren
Sylvia Pituch wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie! Happy Saturday evening! I just finished looking at your most recent beautiful! I love the quilt that is covering you and your cousin Helen at your sleepover. As I looked at that picture I saw so much love! Doesn't love feel wonderful even when we might feel crummy? Last night we went over to the Borden's for "game night". And guess what? I played Wii bowling! And I didn't even get a gutter ball!!! I want that game for Christmas - I wonder if I put that on my list if I will get it. Sooo much fun! And I understand that there is a Wii Fit - perfect! ....since it's so cold out and I haven't been running as often, that sounds like something that will really come in handy! I continue to pray for you sweet Catie! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! xoxo love, sylvia
The Cherian Family wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, How are you? I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your family. We had a good celebration here in Viriginia, and went to visit my grandma and grandpa in Maryland for some turkey. My sister Alessandra sends her love too! Love, Cole
jennifer windham wrote on January 1, 1970
catie, you and your family have been a great inspiration to us.. you continue to be in my prayers. much love and peace, jennifer
Jessica Rhea wrote on January 1, 1970
We are coming home today!! Don't even think about leaving Memphis before I get one more hug :-) We are so happy you all got to share Thanksgiving together. We enjoyed ourselves in PA while you were in TN. Silly isn't it?!? :grin We miss you!! Love~ The Rheas
kathy lubarsky wrote on January 1, 1970
:roll catie and fam, You guys are all *** and we hope tht your trip home is quick. I love the photos, keep them coming. I especially love the sleep over one with Helen. I am sure the Marriott will be sad to see the Closkeys go :cry Have so much fun at home and love every minute. We will continue to pray for Gods Miravle. LOve all the Lubarskys
Brenda Rydell wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, Brayden and I just wanted to say "hi". I am so glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did, too. We will look for you and Mom tomorrow. Take care, Brayden and Brenda Rydell
Janet Scott wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie! Was glad to here you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving I always eat to much turkey and filling. Those are my favorite oh and of course pumpkin pie. After dinner my family were to full to do anything so we watched the movie Elf. I love that movie!! I am glad to know you will be coming back to school. My Mom showed me your recent pictures and you look like you are having fun. I would think having a race in your wheelchair was pretty cool. Love, Jarred Scott
Catherine wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie, I was very happy to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! Your wheelchair # 25 is the luckist number in the world so i give all my love to you and your family. Love, Catherine
Catherine wrote on January 1, 1970
Sorry! I spelled luckiest wrong! Catherine
Kelsey DiMatteo wrote on January 1, 1970
null Hi, Catie! My name is Kelsey, and I'm in 5th grade at SFA. Everyone in our school has been praying for you and your family. I hope that you're feeling OK. I'm glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I did too. Have a fun Christmas with your family!!! I'll be thinking of you =:) Love, Kelsey
Mary Jo wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie: I just want you to know that I keep a candle burning for you everyday. I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving. I pray all the time for you. I love you. Mary Jo Lot's of Hugs.....
Patti Law wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, WOW...Thanksgiving sure looked like a lot of fun at the Marriott, especially that elevator ride. I really liked the group picture with the O'Brien girls in their matching outfits. All your O'Brien cousins send their love and hugs too. Tell Dad I saw the out-takes of your commercial with Jason Taylor and they are terrific. Is he as handsome as he looks ?(Jason, not your dad) We know your dad is handsome :) Oh...I saw a picture of your new baby cousin Sydney. She had red and white socks on that you sent to her. She looked so adorable in them. Great gift idea. Lots of love honey, cousins Patti, Terry, Jared, Ryan and Monica xxxoooxxxoooxxxooo
Mrs. Tracy Montefour wrote on January 1, 1970
I'm so glad you had a great Thanksgiving! I'm sure it was nice to see all your family and especially all your sisters and Max. I'm praying for you and your family. We miss you at SJS and we think of you often. Hugs and smiles, Mrs. Montefour (the lady in the office) :)
Ryan and Brent Holzman wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, We were in Hershey over the weekend and went to St. Joan of Arc Church for Mass. We wanted to light a candle for you but at first we didn't think there were any, so we decided we were going to claim the lighting of the biggie (the first week of Advent) candle for you!!! Then when we went up for communion, we noticed there were side altars with candles, so after Mass we lit one for you. It was right underneath a statue of the Blessed Mother, so we know she's going to continue taking good care of you, just like your own awesome Mom has been doing. :p We loved seeing the Thanksgiving photos of you and your family, especially your matching dresses. It reminds us of when you used to all match and look so great when you went to St. Columbkill's. We miss seeing all of you! Love and biggie prayers, Ryan and Brent P.S. Just between you and us, we're still claiming the lighting of the 1st week of Advent candle at St. Joan of Arc for you since you're so special ;)
Beverly wrote on January 1, 1970
Hey, Catie! I heard about you through Brayden Rydell and his mom. I keep track of so many St. Jude kids and am adding your name to my list!! I am, and will be, praying for your total healing. You are beautiful and I hope you have a good day. Keep looking UP!!!!! :grin Beverly :-)
Mrs. Neghiu wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi, Catie!! I am glad that you and your family had a wonderful and fun-filled Thanksgiving! Please know that I am thinking and praying for you every day! Take good care and God bless you always!! Love, Mrs. Neghiu SJS P.E.
BettyLou wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie! I loved seeing your Thanksgiving pictures, it looks like you had alot of fun! You have a beautiful smile! God Bless you, Betty Lou
Megan wrote on January 1, 1970
Good morninggg I'm excited to see you soon, Catie! I'm not letting you forget you promised me that hug, either. :) So St Jude, as well as running your commercial, lets people donate money when they buy things at different friend Caitie told me a funny story. She was at CVS (sorry Kevin) and they asked if she wanted to donate a $1 to St Jude. So she said yes...and wrote on the little card they give you "For Catie." And she was going to write, "Love, Caitie"...but didn't want people to be like "Hmm..why did that girl write herself a note, signed, love, herself?" HAHA. At least I thought it was funny. You Caties/Caities with your C's. Talk soon, Love, Megan
Heather Bendel wrote on January 1, 1970
Good morning Catie! I just want to start my morning by saying hello and also i looked at the updated photos on the website & u are s0 beautiful :grin I am missing you & your family very much, and so is my Mom. I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. I love showing my firends your website & i am so proud of u. I luv Ya Babe! Keep up that beautiful smile.. Love Always, Your cousin, Heather :p
Jeff Hallum wrote on January 1, 1970
HOWDY from Texas, Catie! You are an *** child and have warmed our hearts -- I live in Texas and have 3 girls, 13,11 and 9 -- You are in our thoughts and prayers -- God IS good and loves you very much. Blessings always :)
Kim Hanna wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie!!! I just wanted to say hi and send you a big hug. My family and all of my friends here at school are all praying for you (I am too, of course!) I hope you're doing well... keep smiling pretty girl! :grin Kim
Ginny O'Brien wrote on January 1, 1970
What a wonderful Thanksgiving it was for you and your family Catie. I can see that you had the best time by all of your smiles. I think of you everyday and send special prayers your way. I saw your commercial with Jason Taylor on TV and you did a wonderful job. I am happy that you will be home soon with your family and can see them every day. Love to you and all the O'Brien's.
Catherine Hodges Kaslusky wrote on January 1, 1970
Catie - I cannot wait to hear all about Graceland! That will be a fabulous trip, I hope you enjoy it! Elvis is the best! Hope you and Mia are sharing some great laughs! Thinking and praying for you! :roll
Lauren Tribeck wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear Catie I have been praying for you and your family. I miss you so much. I heard that you are coming home and I am excited to see you. I hope you are having a good day. :grin Love, Lauren
Maggie wrote on January 1, 1970
I love you, I miss you,and am very very excited about you coming home.I'm also so glad that you where able to walk to the bathroom on your own. I think you look so cute in all your pictures. Love, Maggie
Marthe Terry wrote on January 1, 1970
Dear, Dear Wonderful Brave Beautiful Catie--I just LUVYA, as you say--A WHOLE LOT! You have me praying for you and thinking about you 24/7. You don't know how many people you have touched and brought really close to God through you. It's awesome, really awesome, as Mother Angelica always says. I offer everything every day up for you--my stiff big toe in the morning, creeky knees, bum shoulder, well, you get the idea! I just LUVYA! You're everybody's angel! Marthe ;)
Heritage Peds wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie, Just a quick note to let you know all of us at the office think about you all the time and are praying!! We are glad that you are coming home and look forward to seeing you. Much love and hugs- The staff from Heritage Peds 8)
Christine Whartenby wrote on January 1, 1970
Hi Catie and family! I work with Beth in the ER at Morristown. Just wanted to send you lots of good thoughts and prayers today! Christine
Dorothy Taveniere wrote on January 1, 1970
Just a short note to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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